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There are many reasons that you might need a roof replacement… Sometimes, specific and severe damage results in the need for a new roof. But more often than not, it’s simply normal wear and tear. After ten or fifteen years, you might want to consider replacing your roof.

Why? There are actually numerous drawbacks to leaving an old roof untreated for too long. It can easily develop leaks, which might let water (or worse, pests) into your home. And your roof will grow less and less energy efficient over time, meaning that your heating and cooling bills will start to go… well, through the roof.

If you’re looking to revitalize your roof, slash your energy bills, and freshen up the look of your home, you’re in the right place. At The Superior Group, we specialize in composite roof replacements for residential properties. We would love to chat with you about your unique roofing needs so that we can create a custom solution for you. Get in touch with one of our talented reps today to learn more!

What is Composite Roofing?

When it’s time to replace your roof, you might think that you’re locked into whatever shingle type you had previously. But that’s actually not the case – and that’s good news for you as a homeowner.

While many people think of asphalt, cedar, and slate as the traditional types of shingles, composite shingles have entered the mix in recent years and have become an increasingly popular form of roofing. So what exactly is a composite roof?

Composite roofs are also known as “synthetic roofing,” and they’re made of recycled materials. But don’t worry – they’re just as aesthetically pleasing as their original forms. Manufacturers now make composite roofing materials that look just like slate, asphalt, or even cedar shake roofing. While an experienced roofer might be able to tell the difference, an untrained eye won’t. In other words, you and your neighbors will never know by looking at it!

There are a number of benefits associated with composite roofing, but here are just a few that we like to highlight to our customers:


Wind resistance

Fire resistance

Impact resistance

Lightweight options

Cost-effective alternative


Is Composite Roofing Right for My Home?

When you’re deciding which type of roof is right for your home, it’s important to stay educated about all of the different options available. But we understand that you have other things on your plate. That’s why our team at The Superior Group is dedicated to helping you feel informed and empowered throughout the roof replacement process.

At The Superior Group, we’re not just trying to make a quick buck. We aim to build long-lasting relationships with all of our customers – and that means that we want to help you find the roof that’s truly right for your home. We will work with you to understand your roofing needs, goals, and budget so that we can give you the best advice about which route to take with your roof.

You can count on our experienced, friendly team to provide clear and consistent communication throughout the process. We are excited to work with you to find the perfect solution for your roofing needs.

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